Pool Bonding & Grounding


New Jersey Swimming Pool Bonding and Grounding Testing, Certifications and Inspections

Owners or operators of swimming pools have always needed to be concerned about liability. But today, in the State of NJ they have much more to worry about. In 1999 and revised in 2008, the State of New Jersey passed a law requiring that swimming pools, hot tubs or spas located on any property other than one to two-family residential properties must comply with electrical sub-codes, and must maintain a valid 5-year bonding and grounding inspection certificate as well as a yearly inspection from the appropriate local authority.Grounding and Bonding your pool’s electrical system is now mandatory by law because it reduces shock hazards that make your pool safer. And in addition to the legal requirement, you can be legally liable if your pool or spa is improperly bonded and grounded or if connections are deteriorating due to corrosion this could cause a dangerous condition.

That’s why you need to work with an experienced electrical contractor.

Dennis G Horvath Electrical Contractor Inc. has many years of experience in the bonding and grounding for swimming pools. In accordance with State of New Jersey law,we have installed hundreds of wiring systems for swimming pools as well as repairs corroding systems. Dennis G Horvath Electrical Contractor Inc. will perform New Jersey NJ pool testing inspection to verify the integrity of your facility’s electrical system, and issue valid New Jersey NJ pool bonding and grounding certificates.

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